Communication & Soft skill Training

Group Discussion:

For obtaining Coaching Completion Certificate it would be necessary for the student to appear in Group Discussion in each stage of the Intermediate Curriculum. The topics would be as per the choice of the student but within the curriculum of that particular stage. The Regional Councils, Chapters and the Oral Coaching Centers have been authorized to conduct the Group Discussion. While conducting the Group Discussion, time be allotted for presentation, interaction and lastly for conclusion. The fees for obtaining Group Discussion per group would be Rs. 300/-.

Business Communication:

The Students are required to appear in Business Communication seminars in Groups I&II. The Regional Councils, Chapters and authorized Oral Coaching Centers would be responsible for conducting the Seminars which should be designed to enhance the proficiency of the student in (a) skill in report writing (b) business letters (c) power point presentation, etc. The students would be required to pay Rs. 300/- per Seminar to cover the cost.